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"Say Ladeo"


Bobby McFerrin performing "Say Ladeo". (C) Universal International Music BV

From the album "Vocabularies". Written by Roger Treece, Don Rosler & Bobby McFerrin. Video directed by Directed by Bud Schaetzle. Video & album produced by Linda Goldstein.

C) Universal International Music BV




If you're not familiar with her illustrations, wait until you see what the great Maria Eugenia has been up to in Brasil & abroad (her website will clue you in).  She has a magic touch with all sorts of art (and one of her illustrations within this video was nominated for the "American Illustrators Award 2013"). Watch it a second time and just stop the frame anywhere and check out the detail/color/talent. 



"Where Do I Come In" (from "Rosler's Recording Booth")                                                                                                              

Video & illustrations by Maria Eugenia                                                                                                             Performed by Spottiswoode/Written by Don Rosler

Song produced/arranged by Don Rosler & Terry Radigan




Time to bring Maria Eugenia back for an encore. 

"Halfway Honest Living"
(from the CD "Rosler's Recording Booth")

Video by Maria Eugenia
Written by Don Rosler

Performed by Jeremy Sisto & the Valentines



Everett ("aka" Popadelic) Bradley from the "Holidelic" album! This is soon after Papadelic landed on earth, AND by coincidence not long before Everett was continually abducted by the E-Street band (oh and Hall & Oates, Brooklyn Rundfunk, the Broadway show "After Midnight"...). Yes, they've never been seen in the same room at the same time, but show biz is like that. Love this song and thankful that  Papadelic didn't solely receive the great George Clinton songs on his former planet, but also had some old school r&b ballad singing up his sleeve (so he could sing the fx$(#*$k outta this!).




Written by Everett Bradley & Don Rosler
Video by Mike Chiodo (who, is a founding Holidelic member and co-wrote many of the other songs. Like Everett, a triple threat times 10).




 This mostly lyric-only video is something we put together quickly, when the song was played all-of-a-sudden outta-the-blue almost back-to-back by WNYC and WFAN airing and then the NY TImes article in 2010. There's just too many stories to share about the song, Doris, how it came about and what happened before/during and after. I will write about when I open up the blog department of this new site. 

"Doris From Rego Park"

Written & performed by Don Rosler (from "Rosler's Recording Booth").

Dedicated to Doris Bauer and her family.



"My Reprieve" (from "dogbrain: Nest")/Video by Jason Kessler/

Song produced/performed by dogbrain. Written by Jay Ward & Don Rosler




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