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I. Home Base.  True story. Born in a blackout in NYC. Up at Mount Sinai. Didn't look so great when the doc shone a flashlight under my face. My mom screamed and begged for tranquilizers. In any case, jump ahead, past that rocky start... to being a late bloomer in all sortsa things. Even songwriting. In fact, in terms of life, I often would wonder to myself...

... "Where Do I Come In?" (Performed by Spottiswoode, Written by the "Blackout Baby” from "Rosler's Recording Booth"). Video by renowned illustrator Maria Eugenia.


Thus, having started out life that way, I didn't sleep too well. It was on one of those sleepless nights, listening to sports radio, that I met..."

... "Doris from Rego Park"  Performed and written by Don from Manhattan. 



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Jay "dogbrain" Ward singing "My Reprieve" , Everett "Papadelic" Bradley singing "Christmas Past" in St. Anthony's Church, and Jeremy Sisto in an animated "Halfway Honest Living"), Bobby McFerrin singing "Say Ladeo". Those and more on my VIDEO page.











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